West Cancer Center is fighting the war on cancer – but there is much more work to do. With your help, we will ensure that cancer patients have access to the most cutting-edge research and effective therapies possible.

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ARTISTS: Brenda Wiseman, Jerry House, Meagan Thornton and West Associates 
Title: “One Blessing”

LOCATION: Main Lobby Entrance 

One Blessing is a collaborative work designed by Jerry House, scribed by Meagan Thornton and weaved by Brenda Wiseman. Written on each of the papers are the heartfelt words of West Cancer Center staff, whose commitment to provide care and compassion in the pursuit of hope is woven in gold, silver and copper like a fine tapestry. It was intended for this collection to symbolically weave together the staff’s collective Blessings for all who come through the doors of West Cancer Center. 

“This weaving holds the highest intentions of West Cancer Center,” said Wiseman. “As the ringing of the bells resounds throughout the building with a sound of hope in one more person completing their treatment, the bells in this piece symbolize the universal sound in the hearts and souls of all those who hear them ring.” 

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Sponsorship Opportunity

All pieces listed in the gallery are available for sponsorship unless otherwise noted and are 100% tax deductible. These sponsorships serve to provide peace and healing for our patients and can be purchased in honor or memory of a loved one. To sponsor one of these beautiful works of art or for more information, please contact Leighanne Soden at 901.683.0055 x 1122, or [email protected]