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Meet Peggy











A chance meeting shortly following Dr. Kurt Tauer’s arrival in Memphis paved the way for what would later become the WINGS Supportive Care Division. Sidney and Peggy Evensky became quick friends with their new-found neighbor, Dr. Tauer; years later, that friendship would mean much more when Peggy was diagnosed with lymphoma. Her friend became her Medical Oncologist and, in turn, became more like family.

Peggy began volunteering nearly 25 years ago while she was being treated at West Cancer Center’s Mt. Moriah Boulevard location. Although she enjoyed her role as a volunteer, she had a strong desire to do more. Under the guidance of Dr. Tauer, Peggy joined Sandy Patterson and Brenda Wiseman to build a new program – one that would provide the holistic, comprehensive services for our patients throughout their cancer journey. What began as a small program eventually grew into the WINGS Cancer Foundation, which is the heart of our WINGS Supportive Care Division today. Whether it was spiritual support, nutritional and wellness services, or access to screening services for the underserved in the Mid-South community, WINGS was – and remains – committed to providing these critical services at no additional cost to the patient.

Today, Peggy donates her time every Wednesday to bring joy to patients – and their loved ones – at our Wolf River Boulevard location. During the fall and winter seasons, she brings homemade apple cider to share. In the spring and summer seasons, she makes virgin margaritas and daiquiris. “Several years ago, a patient mentioned he wanted a snack, but at the time, we didn’t provide snacks,” said Peggy. “So, I met with Dr. Tauer and asked what I could do to change that.” Over the years, Peggy has provided homemade sandwiches, snacks and drinks to patients and others waiting with them. Patients look forward to their Wednesdays with Peggy and her fellow volunteer, Carline; so much so that they have given the duo the nicknames of “Hotsy” and “Totsy”.

“I get back a lot more than I give,” said Peggy. “And I wouldn’t trade my Wednesdays here for anything in the world.”