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ARTIST: Betsy Brackin Burch 
TEXTILES BY: Linda Johnson 
TITLE: “The Murmuration” 

Location: 2nd Floor – West Atrium Wall

Betsy Brackin Burch has a lifelong fascination with the mystery of nature. While painting this nature scene for West Cancer Center, Brackin Burch learned the proper name for the black birds’ formation of flying together in ribbons that always intrigued her. “The Murmuration” is the name reflecting the starlings’ purpose, which is to provide warmth and protection from each other.

Cancer and its treatments touch close to home for Brackin Burch’s family, making this a unique project for her to reflect on the lives of both her grandmother and mother. Their treatments surrounded her family as protection for their battles with the disease. Also, like the blackbirds, her family circled around her grandmother and mother during all those years to help them fight their battle.

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Proud Sponsors

This beautiful piece is a gift from Bob and Donna Abney in celebration of the life of Elizabeth Ostric.