We know that cancer care is much more than just your treatment. At West Cancer Center, you have access to comprehensive and individualized wellness and support resources from diagnosis all the way through survivorship.

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A healing tool, the labyrinth offers a meditative journey to wholeness by walking the 1/3-mile path to the center. Donated by generous family members of cancer patients, the labyrinth at Wings represents our dedication to support and honor the whole person – mind, body and spirit – as part of the battle against cancer.

Labyrinth History

Dating back thousands of years, a labyrinth is a universal image representing the path of life and symbolizing unity.  Unlike a maze which is designed to confuse with its multiple choices, a labyrinth is designed to help us find our way.

The circle is divided into four quadrants with an eleven-circuit path. The path gently leads you to the center no matter how many twists and turns you encounter.  Its equal number of left and right turns is thought to balance the two spheres of the brain. In fact, the body’s own balancing mechanism, located in the middle ear, is called the labyrinth.

The labyrinth has no power in itself. It is a method, proven effective over centuries, that helps us set aside the superficial concerns of this world, so that we can reach within ourselves for inner strength and beyond ourselves in prayer.

Today, labyrinths can be found on university campuses, medical centers, churches, parks and prisons. Labyrinths are being used throughout the world as a tool for focused walks, prayer, contemplation and exercise. 

Walking the Wings Labyrinth

The Wings Labyrinth is open to the community and is located outside the Infusion Suites on the 3rd Floor of our 7945 Wolf River Boulevard location. More than one person can walk the labyrinth at the same time.

Walking the labyrinth encourages being present for every step and trusting the path even though, like life, it is impossible to see what lies beyond each twist and turn. In the medical setting it promotes relaxation and supports body, mind and spirit. Walking the labyrinth is an excellent tool for integrating spiritual self-care into a health care setting.

Each interaction with the labyrinth may provide a very different experience because each time we bring a different inner landscape to the experience.  Begin your walk by clearing your mind.  Find your own pace.  When you reach the center, you may remain there as long as you wish.  When you are ready, simply the follow the same path back out. You may wish to pass others or to be passed.  Please respect the experience by walking in silence.

The Three Stages

Walking to the Center: Letting go of the details of daily life.

Reaching the Center: Opening to insight and new awareness.

Walking from the Center: Taking silence and peace with you into your day.


Labyrinth Blessing

O Lord God of Israel, God of all creation, the heavens cannot contain you, yet you are pleased to dwell in the midst of your people; and you moved your servants to build this labyrinth in this place. Be with us now and bless this work that we have done together.

Bless those too who are remembered and honored here and those whose generosity and courage brought this work to completion. Grant that as we walk the path of the labyrinth in prayer and meditation our hearts may be drawn to things which can be seen only by the eyes of faith.

Set apart this garden and make it holy. May it be a place for strength, health, compassion, acceptance and peace for all who come here. Amen

Reverend Susan Crawford
St. George’s Episcopal Church