We know that cancer care is much more than just your treatment. At West Cancer Center, you have access to comprehensive and individualized wellness and support resources from diagnosis all the way through survivorship.

About Our Program

When a serious illness is diagnosed, we recognize that addressing spiritual and emotional issues is often as important as addressing the medical needs. Through our Spiritual Services, our goal is to help nurture your spiritual well-being so that you may find peace, comfort and meaning at a time when you need it most. On request, our chaplain is available to provide interfaith spiritual guidance  and comfort to patients, family members and staff members as well as counseling on any ethical issues that may arise. Our greatest desire is to help people find hope in the midst of their cancer journey, regardless of their particular denomination or faith background.

Makeba Garrison, Chaplain



Welcome to West Cancer Center’s Video Ministry Series! We are so excited to offer another avenue for comfort and guidance for our patients, their loved ones, and our staff. These short videos bring together leaders of a variety of religious backgrounds to share words of healing in hopes to shed a little light in darker places.

We hope you’ll join us each week to hear from our spiritual counsel. And remember, if you ever need to talk further or would like to learn more about our spiritual services at West Cancer Center, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at [email protected]


Faith-Based Support Groups

People diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones are faced with many challenges that leave them feeling overwhelmed, afraid, and alone. They may find it difficult to talk about their feelings, even to family and friends. Where can they turn? Perhaps a cancer support group is the answer. A support group can provide a safe place to express thoughts, feelings, and fears with others also coping with cancer

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West Cancer Center Blessing

May you know that you are in a place of compassionate healing.

May you feel loved and cared for by loving hands and open hearts. 

May you always feel seen and heard in this place. 

May you find even greater strength because our prayers are linked with yours. 

May we always see in every face a mother, spouse or loved one...someone no different than us and those we love. 

May we always see each patient as an individual person with wants and needs far beyond cancer. 

May we always be worthy of the gift of trust from those who seek our care. 

May we seek excellence in all aspects of caring trust in a higher wisdom.