We know that cancer care is much more than just your treatment. At West Cancer Center, you have access to comprehensive and individualized wellness and support resources from diagnosis all the way through survivorship.

The Anti-Cancer Diet

  • helps your body fight cancer,
  • provides nutrients to reduce the risk of cancer,
  • strengthens the immune system.
  • includes health promoting foods
  • limits foods that are not health giving or may be cancer promoting.

Plant Based:

The anti-cancer diet is plant-based.  This means most of your food, or at least 2/3 of what you eat, comes from a plant.  This includes

  • All vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts, seeds
  • Plant oils

Lean Meats

You don’t have to be vegetarian but animal foods are limited to no more than 1/3 of the food that you eat.  This includes

  • Poultry, Fish
  • Lean beef, Pork and Lamb (limit these to 18 oz. or less per week)
  • Low fat and fat free dairy
  • Eggs

Real Foods:

The focus is on real food, in appropriate portions.  This will help you with a healthy weight – an important part of reducing your cancer risk.  Healthy cooking methods (baking, boiling, broiling) and healthy fats are recommended.  Occasional treats are okay.

Real Food tastes good while nourishing our bodies, minds and souls.