The Gynecologic Oncology Division at West Cancer Center realizes that the patient experience extends far beyond their physician and treatment visits. As a result, our WINGS Supportive Care Division picks up where the visit leaves off – providing our patients access to the comprehensive, supportive services necessary for their treatment journey. From nutrition to rehabilitation, to psychological services and spiritual counseling, these services are available at no additional cost to the patient.

The WINGS Supportive Care Division also includes our Genetic Counseling Program – a resource critical to the treatment planning process. In partnership with the patient’s Gynecologic Oncologist, our Genetic Counselors provide our patients access to education and resources to better understand how genetics may play a role in developing cancer. And, when evaluation and care planning deems necessary, they can also provide genetic testing services to determine how this information can empower both preventive health as well as the cancer treatment process.

Support Services

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