The Margaret West Breast Centers deliver a full suite of comprehensive services for the management of breast health. 

The Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center delivers a full suite of comprehensive services for the total management of their breast health. From screening and wellness to further diagnostic and interventional services, our Breast Center provides patients and providers access to the most innovative technologies and procedures in a compassionate and caring enviornment.

In addition to the highest quality imaging available, patients at the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center also have access to complete diagnostic and surgical services to evaluate and treat a vast array of breast diseases. This provides our patients the option and convenience to stay within the West and Methodist Healthcare Family for all aspects of their care.

Our Services

Screening Mammography
Diagnostic Mammography 
3D Mammography – Tomography
Savi Insertion
Stereotactic Radiation Therapy
Breast Biopsies
Wire Localization Procedure
Genetic Testing
Medical Oncology for Malignant Breast Disease
Breast Surgery
Evaluation and Treatment of All Benign Breast Diseases
Mobile Mammography Services
Bone Density (DEXA) Scan

Exceptional Imaging Service

Our dedication to delivering the most innovative and progressive breast care includes providing the highest quality screening technology, such as digital tomosynthesis (TOMO). Approved by the Food and Drug Administration but not yet considered the standard of care for breast screening, tomo creates a 3-dimensional picture of the breast using X-rays. While traditional mammography takes two X-rays of each breast from different angles – top to bottom and side to side – tomosynthesis, or 3-D mammography, provides the clearest image currently available of the breast tissue. With only a few extra seconds of imaging, tomosynthesis obtains images that see through the layers of the breast tissue much more accurately than regular mammography.This provides Radiologists with a more complete picture of the breast tissue in a clear, highly focused 3-dimensional image. And while still in infancy, researchers believe this new type of breast imaging technique will make it easier for Radiologists to detect breast cancers in dense breast tissue.

Through innovative imaging services – like digital tomosynthesis – patients at the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center can feel confident that they are receiving the best possible care for their breast wellness needs.