We understand how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis can be. Our physicians and staff are here to help you navigate through the entire spectrum of care. 

Insurance Cards

Please bring all current health insurance identification card, including secondary insurance cards. If your insurance carrier requires a referral, please make sure your physician has sent the required paperwork prior to the day of your appointment.


Our staff will collect any required co-pays on the day of your visit. If you have questions about your benefits or need financial assistance, please call Patient Services at 901.322.9080 x1190.

RX card if you have one

Please bring any and all current prescription insurance cards if separate from your primary insurance policy.

Lab and Radiology Reports 

We make every effort to collect all necessary lab and radiology reports ahead of your appointment. Please bring any copies of lab reports, radiology reports, films, slides, or CDs you may have received from other physicians.

If you are scheduled for Mammography, you MUST bring copies of all prior mammograms or sonograms or your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Reports do not provide enough information for us to provide a thorough consultation.

List of Allergies 

It is important for your health care team to be aware of any allergies you may have. Please bring a list of all known allergies with corresponding reactions to your first appointment.

List of Physicians

Please bring a list of all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any doctor you have seen in the past year. This includes your primary care physician, cancer specialist, or any other specialist.

List of Medications (or the bottles) 

Please bring a list (or the bottles) of any medications that you are currently taking, including information on the dose, how often you take each medicine, and the name of the doctor who prescribed the medication. This list should include any over the counter medications, such as Tylenol, allergy pills, herbal supplements or vitamins. We suggest you keep a copy of your medications for future reference.

Family Member or Friend

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to your appointments. They may take notes or just provide support for you during your appointments.