We understand how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis can be. Our physicians and staff are here to help you navigate through the entire spectrum of care. 



West Cancer Center phone operators are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. During these hours, please call your doctor or nurse at 901.683.0055.

If you have a life-threatening medical emergency:

  • If you require emergency medical attention outside of our office, please go to your nearest emergency room or dial “911”.

Call your West Cancer Center doctor or nurse if:

  • you have questions about your condition
  • you have questions about side effects from your cancer treatment
  • you need to make or change an appointment
  • you need a prescription refill

Call your primary care physician if:

  • you have medical questions not connected to your cancer treatment
  • you have questions on medications not part of your cancer treatment
  • you have general health questions
  • need routine tests or exams

After Hours:

  • If you have an urgent request that cannot wait until the next business day, the operator will connect you to the physician or nurse on call that can assist you.



To ask a question regarding your bill:

  • Please log in to your patient portal to ask a question regarding your bill or contact Patient Services at 901.322.9080 x1190.
  • To make payment on your bill, please Click Here.

For financial assistance:

  • Financial assistance is available to eligible patients who may have difficulty paying for our services. For details, please call your Patient Representative at 901.322.9080 x1190.

For all other questions, please refer to our telephone directory for important contact information.

Special Assistance

Prior to your first appointment, it is possible you may be contacted by one of our Care Support Coordinators. Our team of Care Support Coordinators are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding your upcoming appointment, explain what you can expect during your first appointment, and assist with new patient paperwork, if needed.

Insurance Questions

We understand that financial and insurance issues can be stressful and confusing for patients. We want to do everything possible to ease your financial worries so that you can concentrate on healing. As a West Cancer Center patient, you have the added advantage of Patient Representatives who work to ensure you receive full insurance benefits.

Financial Assistance

West Cancer Center treats patients regardless of their ability to pay. For cancer patients without adequate insurance coverage, financial services and patient assistance programs are available on a local, regional and national basis. Patients who know they are uninsured or need financial assistance should contact Patient Services at 901.322.9080 x1190 for advice on how to participate or enroll in these services. Personal financial information is usually needed for enrollment.

Transportation Needs

If transportation is an issue for you, please contact your Care Support Coordinator or call 901.683.0055 if you do not have a Coordinator. The Coordinators have a list of local transportation resources and participating guidelines and can assist with any transportation needs.

Translator Services

Language can be a unique barrier in your cancer treatment. It is vital to the success of your treatment that you understand everything regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you or your loved one needs translation services, please contact your Care Support Coordinator and we will be happy to schedule the appropriate resource for this needed service.