Realizing that together we are better, West Cancer Center is dedicated to providing patients - and medical professionals - with the information, training and resources necessary to ensure complete transparency in the treatment of cancer. 

About Our Program


At West Cancer Center, we are committed to providing comprehensive genetic counseling services to appropriate patients. Our genetic counselors can help you understand your risk to develop cancer and determine if there is an inherited cancer risk in your family. We are also happy to provide information about possible cancer screenings and risk-reducing options for you and your family. If there is an increased gentic risk for you or your family, our genetic counselors are here to work with you and your doctors to assist in making medical management decisions.

Rachel Covington, MS, CGC, Senior Genetic Counselor



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Is Genetic Counseling right for you?

Certain features of your personal or family history of cancer may increase the likelihood of a genetic condition. These include:

  • Certain cancers diagnosed at a young age (breast or colon cancer diagnosed under age 50, for example)
  • Multiple family members with the same type of cancer
  • An individual with more than one type of cancer
  • More rare cancers (such as ovarian cancer or male breast cancer)
  • Individuals of certain ethnicities

Your appointment with your Genetic Counselor

What happens during a genetic counseling session? 

  • Risk assessment-By asking questions about your personal and family history of cancer, a genetic counselor can assess the likelihood that your family may have a hereditary cancer condition.
  • Education-A genetic counselor may discuss several genetic conditions that he or she feels may be possible in your family. They can discuss medical management for you and your family members if a genetic condition is identified.
  • Decision Making-A genetic counselor can help decide if genetic testing may be right for you and your family members. They can help you navigate different testing choices and discuss the pros and cons of genetic testing.
  • Genetic testing-If indicated, genetic testing is typically performed at the time of your visit by collecting a small blood or saliva sample. 

Your Health and Wellness

At West Cancer Center, we know that a healthy lifestyle and regular screenings are paramount for cancer prevention. As an example of our dedication to the overall health of the Mid-South community, we offer a variety of cancer screenings and health programs at our facilities. Click on the links below for more information.