2017-2018 Fellow Compensation Rates for ACGME-Accredited Programs

*In addition to the base salary, those fellows participating in the disability and group life insurance programs provided through GME currently receive an additional $600 per year for disability and life insurance benefits as shown above in Column 3.

For more fellow salary information, please see GME Policy #210.

Fringe benefits include:


Fellows may take up to three (3) weeks of annual leave per year. Annual leave is not accumulated from year to year. Fellows do not receive pay for unused annual leave.

Educational Leave

Educational leave can be taken during fellowship with approval from the Program Director.

Sick Leave

Residents accumulate three (3) weeks of sick leave per year. Sick leave is non-cumulative from year to year. Fellows are not paid for unused sick leave.

Parental Leave

Parental leave is available to fellows for the birth or adoption of a child. Sick leave and annual leave may be used in order for the fellow’s salary to continue. Additional time is permitted with the approval of the Program Director and will be leave without pay. Due to ACR rules, time off may delay completion of the fellowship.