Phase I trials are the first step in testing a new drug – and the first time that a new experimental therapy is tested in humans.

The Phase I Research Program is committed to providing access to early-stage clinical trials to our patients. West Cancer Center offers the only Phase I Oncology Research Program in the area – providing patients with the therapies of tomorrow, today. At West, patients can be assured that they will have access to the most innovative treatment options available.

Phase I Research Team

The Phase I Research Program staff is comprised of a variety of specialized team members with extensive experience in oncology drug development and patient care.

  • Dr. Daruka Mahadevan, Director, New Therapeutics Program
  • Dr. Jason Chandler, Associate Director, New Therapeutics Program
  • Dr. Greg Vidal, Medical Oncologist
  • Nicole Edwards, Nurse Practitioner, Phase I Research
  • Lee Ann Dietz, Manager, Phase I Research
  • Michelle Ellis, Phase I Research Nurse
  • Deborah Graham, Phase I Research Nurse
  • Wanda Taylor, Senior Clinical Research Specialist, Phase I
  • Karen Axley, Research Specialist, Phase I
  • Vernesha Neeley, Manager, Phase I Data
  • Leslie Epps, Research Scheduler

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