Cancer diagnosis and treatment at West Cancer Center involves a team of experts in multiple specialties. This multidisciplinary, team-based approach provides the net comfort to our patients that they are going to receive the best care available, right here in Memphis. 

About Our Program

The head and neck oncology team at the West Cancer Center is a true multidisciplinary group comprised of  specialized otolaryngologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist working together to devise an individualized plan for each patient.   In addition, we provide ancillary services including a speech pathologist, nutritionist, psychologist, and pain specialist to optimize cancer care while minimizing the morbidities of the treatment.  Furthermore, we provide cutting-edge research to help fight head and neck cancer to improve outcomes.   By working together, we strive to provide the best head and neck cancer treatments for the patient while recognizing the needs of a body and mind of a person. 

The Team